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Yogen Früz ( Dondurulmuş Yoğurt ) Franchising Şartları
14/05/2011, 10:38:02
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Yogen Früz ( Dondurulmuş Yoğurt ) Franchising Şartları
Yogen Früz Support Provided to Franchisees

With over 25 years of experience as an operator, franchisee and franchisor, we know what it takes to help franchisees successfully start their businesses and support them over many years. We have the right people and systems needed to support the business needs of a Yogen Früz franchisee.
The following is summary of some of the ways in which we support our Yogen Früz franchisees.

Food Research & Development: We provide franchisees with recipes and instructions for all Yogen Früz menu items while continuously developing ingredients and innovative new products.

Food Quality Assurance: We identify, develop and approve local and international suppliers for all ingredients. We also ensure that ingredients meet quality standards by auditing suppliers and conducting in-store compliance checks.

Operating Practices: We provide continuously updated Yogen Früz operations manuals that define standard operating procedures that reflect the latest equipment, menu items, technologies, safety and health standards, etc. We also implement Quality, Service and Cleanliness (QSC) and Mystery Customer audit processes.
Operations: We provide on-site assistance as needed both before and after franchisees open their first Yogen Früz outlets.
Décor and Design: We provide regularly updated restaurant décor and design guidelines that meet Yogen Früz system standards. We also approve suppliers of equipment, fixtures, fittings, uniforms, menus, utensils and signage, etc.
Training: We provide staff with training on all aspects of Yogen Früz operation including shop management, staff training, cost control, purchasing, store layout, product preparation, internal ordering, etc.
Marketing: We work with franchisees to develop marketing plans with detailed strategies for promoting Yogen Früz during initial launch and in the years that follow. We advise and consult with franchisees regularly on marketing and make advertising and promotional materials available.
Financial Reporting: We advise franchisees on the communications systems, software programs and services need to operate multiple Yogen Früz locations. We advise on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial reporting systems and formats.

Requirements & Fees

Financial Requirements

Yogen Früz development agreements generally require franchisees to build and operate a minimum number of stores in a specific geographic area within a period of five to ten years. Interested franchisees should have a substantial net worth and cash position.
These are the minimum requirements and do not represent the total potential costs to open and operate one or more Yogen Früz outlets.

Ownership Requirements

Yogen Früz is pleased to work with prospective franchisees who:

have a strong business background preferably strong restaurant or retail management experience
live or have business operations in the area to be developed during the term of the development agreement
submit an annual report, financial statement and/or resume to Yogen Früz
International Franchise Agreements

Letter of Intent (LOI): This non-binding letter outlines our understanding of the territory and number of units to be developed. A deposit is required upon execution of the letter of intent. The deposit will be credited against the Area Development Fee which is due whenever a Master Franchise and Development Agreement is signed.
Master Franchise and Development Agreement (MFDA): This binding agreement sets forth all development rights and obligations including the territory and minimum development schedule. It also governs the term and operations of outlets.

Process of Getting a Franchise

If you believe that you have the financial capacity and business experience needed to invest in a Yogen Früz franchise, let us work with you to become a Yogen Früz franchisee.

First, complete the questionnaire (below)

We need to know about you and how we can contact you.
Second, submit a Business Plan

Once we have received and reviewed your questionnaire, we will contact you directly and provide you with the information you need to proceed further (disclosure documentation, if applicable) and prepare a business plan. We have some basic information and software that will help you.
Third, come and meet with us.

In the development of the business plan, it is likely that we will have already met with you in your market. We recommend that you visit our corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada so that you can better understand Yogen Früz and how we like to work with our franchise partners.
Fourth, obtain approval from our Franchise Review Board

Your request to be a Yogen Früz franchisee must go before our Franchise Review Board for approval.
Finally, sign a Master Franchise and Development Agreement

Once our Franchise Review Board has approved your application, we will work with you to understand and sign the Master Franchise and Development Agreement.
Apply for a Yogen Früz Franchise Now

The following information is requested to assist us in evaluating your qualifications as a potential franchisee for Yogen Früz.

By submitting this questionnaire, you agree that we may rely upon the information provided herein.

Submitting this questionnaire is only a starting point in our respective analysis as to whether we should enter into a franchise relationship. Consequently, your submission of this questionnaire is for information purposes only. This questionnaire is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. No sale will occur prior to the execution of a Development Agreement or Master Franchise Agreement and the payment of all required fees by you. Neither our acceptance of this questionnaire nor any discussions resulting therefrom, constitute any commitment on our part to enter into any agreement to se BAYİLİK BAŞVURUSU

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