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H&R Block Franchise Opportunities
06/08/2011, 02:34:59
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H&R Block Franchise Opportunities
H&R Block offers franchises for the establishment of offices which offer to the general public income tax return preparation, related services and income tax return preparation training courses conducted for a fee. H&R Block also owns and operates such businesses.

Franchise Offer: H&R Block grants the right to establish and operate one or more H&R Block offices at a location or locations chosen by the franchisee and approved by the franchisor in writing within a defined territory. H&R is offers franchisees the right to own and operate an income tax preparations company at a new location, or to purchase an existing franchise.

Financial Assistance: H&R Block has an affiliate, Franchise Partner, Inc. ("FPI") that, subject to credit approval, offers financing to H&R Block franchisees. FPI offers two loan products: (1) a Franchise Equity Line of Credit ("FELC"), and (2) an Annual Payments Adjustable Rate Term Loan ("APARTL"). FPI's financing may be used by you for any purpose related to the operation of the franchisee’s H&R Block franchise. The maximum amount of credit offered the franchisee is determined by FPI in its sole discretion. Except for FPI loan products, the franchisor does not offer, directly or indirectly, any arrangement for financing your initial investment or the costs associated with the initial operation of your business.

Training and Assistance: The franchisee must attend the New Franchise Orientation (“NFO”) program offered by the franchisor. The NFO program will consist of a minimum of one day and a maximum of five days of classroom training. It will consist of 26 hours of classroom training in Kansas City, MO; 36 hours of on-the-job computer-based training at website provided; and 28 hours of on-the-job training conducted at a Field Location. The franchisor also offers to provide franchisees initial training in the preparation of tax returns in a 69-hour course held at the franchisor’s offices. In some states there may be additional training hours required to meet state minimum requirements. All training programs will be at such times and places as H&R Block may designate.

Territory: The Franchise Agreement grants the franchisee the right to operate the Franchised Business from a location or locations selected by the franchisee within a prescribed Territory approved by the franchisor in writing. The Territory may vary, but is generally described as the municipal boundaries of the city, town or village in which the Franchised Business is located when operating in a rural area. The Territory for a franchise located in a major metropolitan area will vary and could be limited to a specific site or a mapped territory including a specific geographic area. Nothing in the Agreement prohibits a franchisee from performing tax return preparation services at an office (or offices) within the Franchise Territory for persons residing outside the Franchise Territory and franchisees are not prohibited from advertising in media originating in the Franchise Territory which may extend beyond the Franchise Territory.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the franchise term is 10 years, ending June 1 of the tenth year after the effective date unless otherwise specified. There is no renewal but H&R Block may, their option, offer the franchisee another franchise.

Obligations and Restrictions: During the term of the Franchise Agreement, the franchisee is obligated to operate the Franchised Business during certain hours of the tax season and during certain hours of the off season to maintain the highest degree of competitiveness in their regional market. The franchisee need not be personally present in the office during all of the specified hours and may hire additional qualified employees and staff to assist him/her in operating the Franchised Business. The franchisee may sell or offer for sale only those services and products as H&R Block has expressly approved for sale in writing; must refrain from any deviation from H&R Block standards and specifications without the franchisor’s prior written consent.

Total Number of Units: 11,800 units


Initial Investment:

Expenditures Low High
Initial deposit $2,500 $2,500
Real property (Estimated cost total is for 3 months) $1,866 $12,000
Leasehold improvements; construction costs $0 $35,000
Signage $750 $3,500
Furniture and decor items $7,795 $8,633
Equipment $10,276 $11,126
Opening $500 $1,000
Pre-opening salaries, travel and initial training $1,500 $2,500
Start-up supplies $335 $335
Insurance $425 $600
Zoning expenses $0 $500
Utility deposits $50 $300
Architect design $0 $1,500
Professional fees $0 $800
Additional funds $430 $2,000
Applicable business licenses, if required $0 $1,800
Total $26,427 $84,094 BAYİLİK BAŞVURUSU

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22/08/2011, 04:09:17
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yazılardan gayet memnun oldum, sağolun BAYİLİK BAŞVURUSU

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16/12/2011, 09:58:46
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CNA Training
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